Family-run guesthouse in the Eisack Valley in South Tyrol

Hotel Pension Gasser in South Tyrol - the host family Gasser

There are six names behind the family-run Hotel Pension Gasser in South Tyrol: Erich, Markus and Tom with Josefine, Emma and Leo. We are convinced - The atmosphere of a business is inextricably linked with the hosts, with their motivation, their warmth, their authenticity, their joy in what they do.

The fact that these values characterize the host family Gasser is also shown by the fact that the pension with restaurant and pizzeria is now run by the third generation.

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand. This becomes visible in our newly designed comfort rooms and suites. Here modern design meets rustic chic and a lot of warm coziness.

Our motto:

"Our pleasure is to have you with us".

Our goal:

"To remain in your good memory"

We extend a warm welcome to you!

60 years of hospitality

Three generations - six decades in which countless guests have come and gone at the family-run Hotel Pension Gasser in South Tyrol, many of whom still come back today and are now not guests but friends.

These connections also keep memories alive when our long-time regular guests tell of how they were guests of their grandparents decades ago.

Stories that continue to spur us on.

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